Monday, January 23, 2017


I've been thinking a lot about why I marched in D.C. on Saturday. Every time I tried to tweet or write a post on Facebook or even articulate in person I became overwhelmed. There are SO MANY REASONS I traveled to Washington. So, now, I'm going to try to explain why I personally went.

  1. Because I could. Not everyone who wanted to march could but I could. So I did. So not only was I marching for me. I was marching to anyone who wanted to be there and couldn't.
  2. Being present counts. I can call and write to my congress people. I can donate to organizations that can help on a wider scope than I can personally. I have and I will continue to do these things but showing up and being present is important too.
  3. As a privileged, straight, white woman, I need to protect those in marginalized groups. Not only do I want to protect them, I want them to know they can count on me. I will fight for them. I will help when I know what to do. I will ask what else I can do. And they can ask for help and I will be there.
  4. My heart breaks for people in danger of losing their rights. I have very little at risk but there are so many people out there that could lose their home, their access to healthcare, their right to marry, their country, their control over their own body, this list just goes on and on. I know I am forgetting things and I am sorry. But I will fight for you.
  5. I am opposed - so very opposed to Trump's cabinet appointments. But this? This is an entire post on its own. In fact, I could probably write a whole post for each appointment.
  6. Black Lives Matter. 
  7. LGBTQIA+ rights. To quote a sign at the march, "Marriage is about Love not gender." But, it's not just about the right to marry. It's just long. and complicated. and everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
  8. I stand with Planned Parenthood. I used their services when I was in college and before I had a job with a health plan. I was able to have my annual exams at a price I could afford. All women should be allowed that basic human right.
  9. Don't try to legislate my internal organs. Really. Back the fuck off. My body, my decisions.
  10. I'm tired of people thinking it's ok to tell people of color - any color - to go back to where they came from.
I realize I am missing important reasons to march. It is most likely not because I don't agree or support them but more likely because there are just so many damn reasons I can't keep track of them all. So, if I missed something you feel is important, give it a shout out. I'd be happy to add it to the list if I forgot.

I did not make my own sign for the march. Much for the same reasons I didn't ever say exactly why I was marching. A Facebook/Twitter friend nailed it on the sign she made to march: "Literally everything about this is so awful that I have no idea where to even start." Now someone make a coffee table book of the protest signs. They were FANTASTIC! I was in awe.

I know one day, one march, one white woman won't change anything. It takes action. It takes days, weeks, years. But one woman showed up to this march and joined another woman, and another, and another. And together we showed the world we are here, standing together, fighting for you and us and all women.