Friday, May 28, 2004

Tragedy Strikes!

Well, maybe not tragedy but quite a bit of excitement. Dylan was the first Davis boy to get stitches - tonight. It was a playground accident. I took him to the after-hours clinic and he received two internal and five external stitches on his cheek. Luckily, Jeff was there to take the rest of the boys home.

Of course Dylan was covered in mud. A tad embarrassing. No socks because his shoe had fallen off in the mud and he stepped in it with just a sock. Actually, he had been playing barefoot when the incident occurred.

Dylan was totally brave. By the time we were at the clinic there were no tears, no screaming, not a single flinch. He laid completely still while the doctor cleaned, numbed and stitched his face. He even tried to watch.

"Is that blue thread? It looks blue."

"I can see the tweezers."

"I can't feel anything."

"Am I really the bravest boy you've ever had here?"

So now he has a new badge of honor. He can't wait to show his brothers the blue stitches when we change the band aid tomorrow. Only Tyler seemed horrified about the whole incident. Alex can't wait to see them and Zach is just glad his brother is home.

As for the play - Alex was outstanding. He didn't flub a single line and remembered to smile. It made me realize I am one of those sappy parents who get tears in their eyes every time I see one of the boys on stage. Completely embarrassing. Not what I would have thought about myself.

I really can't believe how big Alex is getting. Third grade and his class chose the material, wrote some of their own lines, picked their own jokes and basically put the whole thing together with minimal help from the teachers. (Who did an outstanding job with the kids!) It was a sort of variety show, showcasing the different sections that their reading program is broken into for the year. They did a section on friendship, city wildlife, imagination, money & storytelling. There was even singing and a violin.

 That's Alex in the gray baseball shirt (he played Jackie Robinson in one skit).


 Here is a picture of Zach at the play. Time to go to bed. It has been one long day!

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