Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Teeth, Ceremony & Shopping

Today we begin our journey into the land of orthodontics. Alex has his first appointment today. I'll pick the kids up early from school and off we go. I'm hoping we can put off the rest of the journey for a bit longer but we know it is just a matter of time. They will all need braces. Doomed I say!

This a.m. is busy too. Certificate ceremonies at nursery school and the last day of volunteering in kindergarten for the year. This is it - no more time alone. What will I do?

I also have to squeeze grocery shopping in there somewhere. Unless I plan to feed the family whatever is in those cans in the back of the cupboard on the top shelf or Jello, I'd better get my act together. BTW, how do the boxes of Jello accumulate? I just found 10-12 boxes in the cupboard. Scary!

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