Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Diversionary Tactics

Diversionary tactics are slipping into place.

I just received a call from the nurse's office at boy scout camp. A friend called to tell me Alex has a headache. They needed to know if they could give him some children's Motrin. Yes! Of course.

Now I sit and wonder if he is okay. No parent to comfort him. Away from home in the woods.

How will I sleep? I want to go get him right now. They say he is fine but I know him. His leg could be torn off and he'd say he had a scratch. I'm ready to weep.

I just realized I have started slipping into that mindless place where I go from thing to thing and register nothing. I know it's just a headache but he's my baby!


Anonymous said...

Heidi, he's probably just been so busy and no snacks. You know he gets the low sugar thing. You should remember to tell the camp that..He'll be fine...He's a trooper and will be home soon..Mom

MoMMY said...

Thanks Mom. I was thinking that or dehydration.

We got a call about the time I posted this. The Motrin worked. He rested and was up and going already. So glad they took the time to call!

Anonymous said...

Just remember. Summer camp without a headache/stomach ache/poison ivy/flesh wound/bite from exotic bug is a little like getting caught in a rainstorm and not getting wet. It just can't happen that way.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. - More pirate wisdom from Bloody Jack Cash

MoMMY said...

And what did you catch/get bit by at camp BJC?

Anonymous said...

What happens at camp stays at camp.