Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bad Mom Award

Yes, again.

Once again I have earned the Bad Mom Award. No, no. All of you who think you have done horrible, terrible, no good things in relation to your children - you are wrong. I have committed a grievous sin. I forgot to pick up my 3rd grader from rollerskating. At 4:00 I remembered. At 4:45 I received a phone call asking if I was planning on picking him up. Yes, the 4:30 pick-up time came and went with not a speck of recognition from me.

With possibly the quickest exit ever with three children, we arrived at school at 4:51. Little boy sitting alone on bench waiting my arrival. Okay, he wasn't alone. There were two other kids there. Back to my sad story. He was crying and carrying on. Actually, he was hanging out without a care in the world.

ME: "I'm really sorry. I lost track of time."

TYLER: "It's okay."

ME: "Are you alright? Really?" Thoughts of the day he took the wrong bus home and subsequent nightmares for two weeks.

TYLER: "Yeah, I'm fine." He proceeds to skip to van and play with his brothers.

It seems there was no scaring involved. He really wasn't worried. I'm glad he is secure in the knowledge we will always come for him. I'm a bit worried though. There was no surprise Mom lost track of time. Granted it happens ALL of the time. The kids do know that. Shouldn't they still be upset I didn't show up? I mean I'm glad he didn't care but does that mean I'm an even worse parent than I thought?

Where are those shelves?

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