Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Picture Day

What do you think it means when your waiting for the bus with the kids and you swear you keep hearing the bus? Think it means you can't wait for the bus to arrive? Ya think?

Could it have something to do with the fact that the kids are running around the yard playing some game they're making up as they go. Usually this would warm my heart but today, because it is picture day, if the bus doesn't get here soon it is inevitable that one of them will soon be sporting a face full of blood and sidewalk. Now I know it could happen at any time. They could trip going up the bus steps. They could fall getting off the bus. They could trip over their own feet in an empty hallway. All this and more is on the horizon. BUT, if I get them on the bus it is out of my hands. Makes me feel okay about it.

BTW, I'm wondering what you all think. I keep getting flack for letting my 8 y/o decide to not get his hair cut for his picture. (This comes in forms that range from outright dismay to the ever popular, "Your such an easygoing mom." This is not said in admiration but that way that tells me - you are a bad, bad mom who gives in too often.) Plus, I'm making him wear his hat. I realize this makes me a horrible, no good, very bad parent but I'm flaunting in the face of tradition. I'm going against all my parental training. I'm letting him decide. So today he left with shaggy hair and his baseball cap on backwards (I do want to see his cute, little face in the photo). Oh, and a note in his backpack letting the powers that be know it was authorized.

UPDATE: All children made it on the buses without injury but the little men with hammers are still busy doing construction in my head.

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