Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why I Can Never Homeschool

Tyler and I were discussing his homework last night. The paper said to pretend you would get a dollar amount of the number of the day of school. How much would you have at the end of the year? The example was $1.00 on the first day, $2.00 on the second, etc. There are approximately 183 days of school.

Tyler insisted his teacher said the amount is the DAY of school. Example here would be, the first day was on the 9th so you get $9.00. I had him read the assignment on the paper. We read the assignment together. He still did not believe me. The paper was wrong, his memory was right.

The discussion deteriorated to tears and yelling (from him not me). Then he insisted I CALL his teacher at home. After many more minutes of "discussion". That is exactly what I did. Thank God she gave us her home number last year when Alex had her! I explained that Tyler was not believing my explanation of the homework and insisted I call her then handed him the phone. He explained the problem, listened to her explanation, hung up and said, "The paper is right."

Then we discussed how to solve the problem and I showed him how to do it quickly in Excel. He did it a few times and that was the end. Why do the kids never believe ME?

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