Monday, December 20, 2004


I just put my son on the bus and it is -6 degrees. Yes, MINUS. SIX. degrees. Let me add - winter officially starts tomorrow.

More news... the lights are on the tree. It took me 8 days but it's done. Good thing I was home alone when I did it or the children would have learned many new words. I broke the #1 rule of tree lighting. I put the first string on without testing it first. Not sure what I was thinking. As soon as I realized my error I plugged it in and - you guessed it - half the string was out. The middle half. Very odd. Had to take it down and start over. I did test all the rest of the strings and they all worked just fine. Only string not working was the one I put on the tree. Consider the lesson learned.

The best news is the children have put up most of the other decorations. I'm SO glad they are old enough to do that. They did a fantastic job too. Not all clumped in one spot. Decorations more than three quarters of the way up. Just room enough on top for my breakable ones. A few more and the decorating will be done. (I have decided not to put out all the decorations as I just don't feel like it and can't seem to figure out where to put them.)

I am without a vehicle today so I have no reason not to bake. Much baking needs to be done. The 3 dozen cookies I made last week are almost gone. I haven't made any more. Today starts the baking frenzy. The good part is the kitchen will be toasty with the oven on all day and smell yummy. (Of course I can't smell so that part will only benefit the children when they return home from the cold. The FRIGID OUTDOORS.)

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