Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Puppy

We got the puppy Monday night and there has been much discussion of names. It is extremely difficult to get 4 boys, 1 husband, and 1 mother to all agree on one name. Also, we have been trying to get a feel for the little guy's personality to boot. (And no, we are not calling him boots. The mother (that would be me), demands a tiny bit more original name.)

So now for the unveiling...

Maxadoodle. As in Max, King of the Wild Things - adoodle, as in, he is too cute for such a strong, short, un-cute name. He may also be called Max (by the husband), Maxadoodle (by the majority of boys & Mom), and Shnookie (by Zach who is refusing to bend.)

As for his stats: He is a cockapoo. He is six weeks old. He is a he. He will only go potty in the grass and he gets up every 2 hours at night and cries in his crate FOREVER (10-30 minutes) after each potty break.

Maxadoodle: lots - he is sleeping on my feet right now.
Parents: v. little

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