Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Photos!!!

Don't run and hide now. I finally got the camera back out and FINALLY downloaded my photos onto the computer today. (I would have done it yesterday but I LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF THE HOUSE - Yes, it's true.)

Evidence of the Pinecone Wars:

Yes, the children have been having pinecone wars. Great fun - let me tell you. I don't quite see the fun of it but all the boys and the neighbors think this is the height of exciting entertainment. Well, at least it's free.

The boys' giant pumpkins from Nana & Denny's farm. Yes, they planted them themselves and No, I have no idea how to grow anything much less giant pumpkins.

They have just been put out front. The smaller of the pumpkins will be carved today. Shut up, it is not late on the carving front. We didn't want them to rot. Yes, that's the reason.

It must also be noted that my husband got a gnormous sliver of pumpkin under his fingernail while trying to move the pumpkins. It went all the way to the cuticle. If you want, I'll take a photo. But as of now I thought it better I don't.

For more autumn photos - of the more artist variety - go to the photoblog. I'm going now to add them...

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