Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And the Winner is....

The winner of the 'who shall be sick for the holidays' lottery is...


With what?

Strep throat.

And in who is a close second?



Strep throat.

Now if you are wondering why Tyler only placed second, I shall tell you...

Zach had a raging fever Christmas eve. Had to be carried downstairs on Christmas morning and slept through dinner and the family gift exchange. SLEPT. THROUGH. PRESENTS. To be more specific - HIS presents. Even through several attempts at waking him.

Tyler on the other hand was sick since Friday. He missed school but has been acting fine. And he FEELS FINE. Really. He's fine. FINE. I tell you. Until you look at his nasty throat. And the ugly white patches that match his suffering brother's so perfectly.

So? Tyler places 2nd for appearing/acting fine.

They both get to take medicine though. EVEN if he is FINE and doesn't need it. (according to Tyler)

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