Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Other News...

The children have ski club today.

And... you ask? The point of this statement? It is January. You do live in the northeast. Why is this worth a mention?

Well, I will tell you. It is in the mid to high 50's today. And yesterday? Almost 60 degrees. SIXTY DEGREES. In January. In the northeast. Near Canada people.

Now while I'm loving the warmth and the fact I was able to toss their asses outside* to play yesterday without coats on... It's JANUARY. How do you ski in 60 degree weather? It POURED last night. The report is the conditions on the mountain are terrible.

Apparently the school has decided to go anyway. Why? Because they didn't have it last week when it was 40 degrees and no snow. But now that it's warmer? They're totally going. Why? Why you ask? Because we wouldn't want to miss too many trips and have to make them up in February or March. Although then? There will probably be 10 feet of snow. In fact, May? There will be snow. It's happened before.

All you people trying to tell me we are having a warm winter? HA! I've lived here long enough to know that IT. WILL. SNOW. Just when you think winter has ended it snows. Really. It snowed on Mother's Day once. M-O-T-H-E-R'S. DAY.

Excuse me while I go pack up their snowpants, gloves & hats for the warmest ski trip ever.

*No actual tossing was necessary. They refused to come in until it was dark. And then proceeded to secretly eat snacks while I made dinner and then refused my delicious dinner until after swimming. At 8:30 at night. BTW? Add another keeper to the list.


Heather said...

I live in Iowa. As I am writing this it is 51 degrees outside. This winter has been crazy!! In the beginning of December it was sub-zero here and we were all preparing for what we thought would be AWFUL conditions, and here it is January 12th and it's 51 degrees outside. How can a person be content working 60 hour weeks for tax season when it's 51 degrees outside??

Cary said...

We are going to hit 65 for at least the 2nd time this week. But lucky (HA!) for me, its going to drop down to a high of 41 with possible snow showers just in time for my birthday on Saturday. I'll be able to deal with 41 degree high if, and only if, it snows!

paintergirl said...

I don't know about you but the warm weather is making everyone sick here. We need the cold and the snow to kill of the bugs.