Monday, February 13, 2006

100th Day

**Note: this started as a 'this and that' post but was hijacked by the 100th day. Please forgive me. I was forced to give in to the 100th days' demands. They threatened me with a week of snow days just before next week's school vacation.**

It's the 100th day of school here. YAY. Big to-do in kindergarten with their collection of 100 things. Zach's is 100 Legos built into a - well, a something. It is my usual day to go in and help out in class but their celebration (whatever that entails) is at the same time and the parents are invited. Can't wait to see what they do. Really. YAY.

The secret side of the 100th day of school (or the 'side no one thinks about') - This means we are more than 1/2 way through the year. It MEANS... Summer is that much closer. And we all know how I love summer. With all the kids home. All the time. Have I mentioned, YAY?

A private side of the 100th day of school - Eons ago, or maybe just about 5 years ago, I wrote a picture book for my oldest son about the 100th day of school. The teachers have liked it when I sent it in (the older boys always wanted to bring it in and show it off) but I realized yesterday that it's been missing for the last 2 years. So, last night I spent a couple hours making it into a book for Dylan to take to school. (The original was lost in the great loss of 2005.) I proudly presented it to him this morning and.. and, he was all, "Yeah, I guess I'll read it at school. Do I have to give it to my teacher?"

Of course I was all, "No. Just give it back and I'll BURN it. I need no validation from YOU. Hell, the publishers didn't want it why would my own child? you don't need to read it if you don't want." At which point he insisted he wanted to read it at school. I hope that gleam of crazy in my eye didn't frighten him.

On the other hand, Zach mentioned that his teacher had a copy. It's from when Alex brought it in 3 years ago. She printed copies for all the kids and had them illustrate them. She also asked if she could keep it to use with her classes in the future. Who was I to deny? It seems she'll be reading it today. Hopefully, BEFORE the parents come in. GAH! The humiliation if she were to read it while I was present - with other adults in the room. I think I may be too sick to go in.

Anyway, I was going to try to turn it into a PDF thingy or something people could download for their own kids but I can't figure out how the hell to do it. All my attempts FAILED and most of my morning WASTED. So, if you would like a copy of the "book" and you have Microsoft Publisher, leave me a comment or e-mail and I'll send you the file. If you don't have Publisher and you have an easy (read: something I'm able to do) way for me to get it to you, let me know. I figure someone should enjoy the thing. If I can't get it published, at least some of the kids can enjoy & illustrate it. Oh, and if you do print it and your child does illustrate it? I want you to send me a copy. Please.


cursingmama said...

Did you try distiller to make it into a pdf or just writer? Does this make sense? Let me know if I can lend a hand by using the wonderful software tools of my employer ;)

Michelle said...

MoMMY- I think I got to your site via a friend of a friend of a friend and so on, but I have been diligently returning, knowing that you hold the answers to my future fate.
My son is now almost two, and I know that from family history, I will probably be the mother of three boys if we end up having three.
To the point... Our 100th day (here in TX) was last week, and they have a BIG to-do about it as well, and they all make hats with 100 things on them.
I teach at the high school level, but I know the kindergarten teachers, and I bet they would love something else to help celebrate their day! And you wouldn't have to be there when they read it! :)
If you really will send it, will you please send it to my school account at ??

Thanks again! And thanks for the fun pauses of my day where I can come and read your posts!

Anonymous said...

send it to me I'll turn it into a PDF.

-your brother