Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Closing Valentine Remarks

They have taken to hugging the wall. I think the heart is growing on them. (and that just sounds wrong)

Also, if you couldn't tell, the heart is HUGE. They can't reach their arms from one side to the other. In fact, I can barely reach.

In other Valentine news...
I received flowers! From my husband! It only happens every couple years or so, so it means so much more when I get them. And, I said AND, he told them not to do the standard v-day bouquet and to make it interesting and include my favorite - tulips! So happy. *sigh*

In more Valentine news...
Zach (5) got a valentine from his brother's (7) friend's younger sister. She is, if not in kindergarten, going next year. She wrote "I love you Zach!" and "Love, Eliza" about eleventy million times and drew pictures of hearts and the two of them standing together on the front.

Zach's response? It's scary.

Why? She loooooves me.


Heather said...

Little kids are so funny at this age. Just wait until he gets about 5-10 years older and you are trying to keep the girls away!!

Tami said...

So cute! Ben hasn't really noticed them yet, unless they like playing with cars and trucks.

wordgirl said...

It's wonderful and awful at the same time. The impression that no one loves you if you don't get a card or a flower is staggeringly powerful. That said, valentines between kiddos is sweet.