Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Why I Love Listening to the Radio

The other day I was in the car driving one of the kids somewhere. Or maybe it was two of the kids. Or a bunch of kids - whatever. Anyway, I was listening to one of the few noncommercial radio stations in our area and I suddenly realized why I love listening to the radio.

Side note: I should admit to only listening to the radio in the car. For some reason at home I prefer CD's or the computer but in the car where I sometimes need to turn it up, WAY UP, to drown out the children. Where my mood can change in a flash. Just GET OUT OF THE WAY already! I prefer the radio. Besides, the pressure of picking out music to take in the car? And the time commitment? I'm lucky if I leave the house with both shoes on and all of the required children. Music is often not thought of at all.

So, the car. The radio. Commercial free only (I HATE radio commercials) unless I feel like surfing around. I'm not a big radio surfer but once and a while I'll do it to find something I want to hear.

Where was I? Did I have a point? Wait...

Yes! My point. Why I love the radio. And not that Satellite stuff where you get 8 million choices. Each specific to a fault. I want variety. I want to be surprised.


Back to the other day. I'm listening to a station that plays a mix of contemporary music. No country or pop or annoying crap that makes me want to smash the thing. And suddenly on comes Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants. Great band. Haven't listened to them in a while. Makes me want to dig out some of their stuff when I get home.

Then some more stuff I couldn't name if I tried. (I have the world's worst memory when it comes to song and artist names.) Then suddenly? Dirty Laundry by Don Henley. Ah, brings back memories. Not something I'd want to own. Or listen to often. But since I haven't heard it in more years than I care to remember... fun!

More music I can't recall... and then! Call Me by Blondie. Yes, showing my age again! But I love me some Blondie.

Another side note: Also, until just now when I did a search for Blondie to give you that handy-dandy link, I had no idea they still existed. I totally thought she went out on her own. Which, I'm pretty sure she did. I guess they got back together. Who knew? Not me. I'm a bit out of touch with the whole music scene.

So yes, I'm a child of the 80's. And I really do dig the surprise gems the radio can toss into our lives at the most unexpected moments. Brightens my day.

And now... what brightens your day unexpectedly?


Chaotic Mom said...

YES! I absolutely LOVE the '80s! I hate to admit this, but I went to site which lists the Time Life collection of '80s songs. Printed out the list, and put as many of them into my "music library" as possible, thru my Rhapsody account. When I go on one of my long walks, listening to that stuff, just kind of brings me back to bill-free days.

Thank you for sharing!

GosMMY said...

a red-headed woodpecker at my feeder 1/2 hour after putting a new woodpecker feeding block out!!

The Queen Mama said...

I WISH I could listen to the radio in the van! My oldest is incredibly talkative (especially for a boy) and takes every trip in the van as an invitation to engage me in deep and thoughtful conversation...and to ask me lots and lots of questions. I try very hard to be thankful and receptive, because I know there will come a time not too far in the future when he will clam up entirely and resist most attempts at conversation.

But...sigh...sometimes I just wanna veg out to music in the car.

I love They Might be Giants, too. Actually, I hear a lot of them since they sing the theme song for "Higgly Town Heroes."

Children of the 80s, unite!