Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yet More about the Teacher

Thanks to all of you who reassured me. I know that I'm doing the right thing. But of course, I'm always questioning if I'm being one of those parents. The ones that nag and interfere and make the teacher's life miserable. I really don't want to make his life more difficult.

Also, to be fair, I must mention that the call I received yesterday was not bad or annoying. He was checking on Dylan because he was the sick child I mentioned. Home from school with a fever and headache. He wanted to know if he should send work home if Dylan was out again today and to tell me that it was fine if I wanted him to talk to my SIL I just needed to make sure I signed the release form.

And the best part? It was the first time he spoke to me without the undertones of condescension or superciliousness or even insecurity. I'm wondering if he talked to his wife about it. Or maybe he talked to some of the other teachers in the teacher's lounge (I know many of them). Maybe someone convinced him I wasn't unhappy with him but just wanted to help. Maybe he realized his first reaction was a bit of an overreaction. Whatever it was, he seemed to speak to me in a normal tone. He seemed willing to help. He seemed to not think I'm an overreacting lunatic. So all is good. Well, all except Dylan is still behind and I'm not the best person to help him as we tend to war over work. But, whatever. I have the support of those around me. He's got the brains. We've got until September to catch him up. I think it will all be good in the end.

So, in closing (No, I shouldn't have been a lawyer. I just play one on my blog - HA!), I may be a bit excitable when it comes to my kids' educations. I may be willing to call everyone and anyone I think can assist with advice and/or actual support of their learning.

Besides, he still calls me 10x's more than I call him. So if anyone's a nag...


Anonymous said...

I really wish I would have been there by your side, dear....To hear the condensation in his tone. That must have been some trick. Are you sure it was condensation? Not precipitation? Maybe just moisture?

Anyway, just trying to help.

Love, Jeff

MoMMY said...

Thank you for allowing me to correct that. Now I must kill you for doing it publicly. Just so you know, watch your back when you get home tonight.

GosMMY said...

did you ever think HE might be reading your blog?????????