Wednesday, March 8, 2006

You Know You Take This Blogging Thing Too Seriously When...

... you are reading a book to your son and you keep thinking how a blogger you "know" would completely love it.

Then you e-mail them about it and hope they don't think you're a total freak or stalker or (did I say?) freak.

Ok, I know you are all now wondering what book I was reading and who (or is it whom?) I was thinking.

The book is "Let's Get a PUP!" Said Kate. It's by Bob Graham. And the blogger I kept thinking of? Cecily at and I wasted all that birth control.

But the book... I should tell you - A.DOR.A.BLE. Well, if you're into picture books with delightful and whimsical pen and watercolor illustrations. And mom's with tattoos and pierced noses and dad's with pierced ears. I for one LOVE this book. Which is why I bought it. Without even reading it. Shhhh... don't tell. I bought a picture book because of the pictures never having read the text. But the text? So CUTE!

Really. You must all go out and buy a copy. It will delight you AND your child. I know all of mine love it.

Oh! And I almost forgot... there is a puppy! And an older dog. And a trip or two to a shelter. Really, you have to read it.

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Ditsy Chick said...

So, now is not the time to mention, I have mental conversations with in, "why isn't MoMMY here? You would love this and tell me how great of a book this is to buy."