Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where I Finally Mention Mother's Day

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Now, where was I? Oh, yes, second, Grey's Anatomy. Ah, so much happened in those 2 wondrous hours. And I would like to thank the network for getting it on the air on time and not making me stay up until all hours of the night to watch. *sigh* As far as a recap with you all, I think I'll save it. I'm still processing. Let's just say I was very angry at Christina and bawled quite profusely at the end. Now all of you who haven't watched it on your technological miracle called TiVo, watch it now so I may discuss without giving it all away. Also, if you were able to not watch it last night when it was on? WOW! You are strong willed to wait. I couldn't have done it.

Third... what was third? Shit, I can't remember. Oh yes! Mother's Day! I bet you are all wondering how someone whose blog name has the word Mom in it and MoMMY is her name can forget to mention Mother's Day. Well, I didn't. I've just been a bit busy. And yes, it was a good Mother's Day. I'm finding they get better every year. Or I'm lowering my expectations. Or both.

So Mother's Day... I was the first one up so I had to make my own coffee. Which is fine because then it was just how I like it. And it was QUIET. Ahhhh...

Then I got ready for work. Work on Mother's Day? you say. Yes, work on Mother's Day. The 2 littles woke up right before I left and one told me he loved me from bed and the other (Zach) jumped out of bed and rushed to give me the present he made at school - a pin which I wore to work. Quiet drive to work. Ahhhh...

Work was quiet because I had no classes and only had to do some paperwork and get the library ready and tidied up for the summer. When it is closed. (It is working out nicely that this job ends for the summer at the exact time the new job starts.) Half way through my morning the husband and kids showed up for Sunday school. The husband and youngest were even wearing ties for their brunch with my MIL. Very handsome those two. Then I finished up my quiet day at work. Ahhhh.....

After work we were all off to the Lilac Festival. Some of you may recall my inordinate amount of photos from the festival last year. The majority of the photos disappeared in the great loss of 2005 so I had to take many more. The children were not amused. In fact, they were whiney. They were clearly flaunting the Mother's Day mandate of 1812 that says children should not whine to their mother's on Mother's Day and should do whatever their mother wants. Clearly flaunting it. It was sad really. The torture I forced them to endure - HA! Apparently I am a horrible mother. But then my MIL took us out to lunch and once my offspring were fed they were much more enjoyable. So thank you my MIL!

After a bit of browsing at the booths it was decided (not by me) that we must get home. So home we went. And since lunch was around 4 there was no dinner to make. (And just so you know, we didn't starve the children. They had eaten around 11 &/or 1:30 - packed PB&J's or just PB's as not all of them will eat the same thing. Of course.)

At this point it was PRESENT TIME! YAY! I do so love presents. And even though I thought the purse I bought the other day was my present. I guess it was more a present to myself as they got me a hanging pansy which I will promptly kill and an espresso pot that I wanted and am enjoying and will hopefully not kill. Ever.

Then they played a modified game of baseball in the backyard while I cleaned up the kitchen. Where it was fairly quiet. Ahhhh....

At last it was time to put them all to bed and watch Grey's Anatomy. Yes, the greatest Mother's Day present of all - Grey's. Okay, I'm just kidding. The handmade cards and pin were the best presents of all. The coffee pot rocks and spending the day doing nothing more taxing then walking around and fighting crowds with the family were the best presents. But the show was a great end to the day.

So now I'm off to enjoy another latte in my very own kitchen and put the littles on the bus. Then I shall do some paperwork I've been putting off and CLEAN. MY. HOUSE. The dust bunnies have taken over and are threatening to bar me from the computer. Actually, they like the computer as the more time I spend on it, the less I clean them up. But today! Today I'm staging a revolt and I'm ousting the wee buggers. Ok, I'll admit, they are not wee buggers. Let's just say I mistook a dust bunny for one of the children the other day. And it wasn't the little one either. I'm not telling which kid it was though. I think that may be a bit TMI.

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