Tuesday, September 12, 2006


After making my coffee this morning I came upon this:

I was not too concerned until saw this around the corner of the stairs:

Before I knew it I saw this:

And this:

The victim:

Services will be held tonight at 8pm in the MoMMY household. In lieu of flowers, all contributions can be made to the Children's Television Workshop.


Brandy said...

Hahahahaha! Too funny. Oh, sorry. I forgot, you're in mourning.

One Lazy Lesbian said...

OMG! It looks like my house!

(only.. um .. I have dogs...)

Anonymous said...

Can we assume Max was the murderer?

Anonymous said...

Oops- forgot to sign my name above- Shana

TxSkatemom said...

heh! that is greatness. Too bad it wasn't Tickle Me Elmo! Of course, you'd have heard that one!

Mark said...

At least he died happy. It's a shame that current marriage restrictions will prevent Bert from receiving any of Ernie's pension.

cursingmama said...