Monday, September 25, 2006

The Horror

As a parent I want my kids to grow bigger than I am. I've always known they will someday grow taller and bigger and stronger.

So tell me why I freaked out a couple of weeks ago when my oldest, my 11 1/2 year old, needed ADULT size sneakers. It's not like I didn't know it was going to happen.

Then, just as I'm beginning to accept the boy has man size feet he deals me another blow.

He was getting ready to leave for Temple Saturday morning (it's Rosh Hashanah people) and put on his "dress" shoes. And by dress shoes I mean what qualifies as dress shoes in my boys' world - Land's End All Weather Mocs. They were a bit too big last year and I was confident they would fit him...

Of course, you guessed it, they were too small. But, BUT, he wore mine. MINE. And they were a bit small apparently. SMALL. MY SHOES WERE TOO SMALL FOR MY CHILD.

How does this happen? On the one hand I'm glad. I'm praying all the boys are taller than me & their father. (We've been called the Shetland people by friends because we're both so short.) But on the other hand, MY SON'S FEET ARE THE SAME SIZE AS MINE.

I'm not ready.


Brandy said...

My 11 year old Daughter wears the same size shoe as me, too. She just jumped to that size, but we'd been buying her adult womens shoes for about 2 months now! Sad fact of life, she's defintiely going to be taller than me. My Dh is 6ft, I'm NOT! Doctor suggested she'd be around 5"11!!!!!!

cursingmama said...

Ha! I'm in (blogger isn't playing nice today)

I'll see you one adult sized foot and raise you a first shave.
I feel your pain and if I knew how to stop it I'd pass along the wisdom. So far the only thing I've learned is that puberty hormone surges are a lot less predictable than PMS, can happen at any time, and are sooooooooo much worse. So. Much. Worse.

Carmi said...

Our eldest (11) is about to surpass my wife in height. I have to look twice when doing laundry to ensure I don't confuse his clothes with mine.

I just carried him home from the hospital in a car seat. What gives? Time definitely moves too quickly.

In case I don't visit before tomorrow, shana tova, and gmar chatima tova. I hate fasting...I love my food way too much.