Monday, November 20, 2006

The Poor Penguins

An article on MSN caught my eye this morning and I sent the link to my husband. I sent it to him because this type of thing always leaves me outraged and stunned. The world is so messed up and people just continue to surprise me with this type of behavior.

The ensuing IM was very funny and I wanted to post it here (even though in the past this type of thing has failed miserably) but my subconscious saved you all and I closed the window before copying it. That coupled with the fact I never have the computer save my conversations has put a damper on the whole thing. But! I will not be stopped (even though part of my brain is screaming to do just that).


I may have mentioned that people are idiots and my husband may have mentioned that some people may think I'm an idiot. Then he brought up something about people's morals and how not everyone is willing to let things that go against their beliefs...

It was at this point that I interrupted him with something about people being morally against gay penguins. Then the conversation degenerated into him laughing and me making comments about all the gay penguins being sinners and how they were all going to hell.

It was funny. Trust me. Unless you're morally against gay penguins.

Sorry, it's all I got.

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GosMMY said...

aaack!what is with these people and their homophobia? Like it really impacts them in any way. The animal world is overflowing with same sex couples, what makes us any different? Is there truth in the insinuation of "I think he doth protest too much"?? It is a genetic anomaly. Blue eyes, red hair, dark skin, same sex attraction....whats the dif?