Thursday, June 21, 2007

School Is Out!

Today is the first day of summer vacation. Oh how I wish I could sleep in and hang with the children. Although yesterday? It was a bit taxing with 10 boys hanging out after school. The good news was I only had to feed 7 of them. The bad news is the youngest 3 almost drove me to drink what with the hooting and hollering and LOUD laughter that was not cute and precious but LOUD (did I mention LOUD?) and obnoxious.

Today I got to get up and get ready for work in peace and quiet. There was no one to yank out of bed and threaten life and limb if they didn't get moving. I was out of the house in less than an hour and folded a load of laundry, put a new batch in the washer and left a list of chores for the children to choose from. Whether or not they get done is another matter.

I also have made a list of things I must do. Soon. Like making a list of breakfast choices, lunch choices and a new chore chart. Make sure there is actual food in the house to choose from. And for the love of God, go to my second job and finish up what needs to be done for the summer. I am so behind! But it is hard to find time to go in when they are open and someone is around to watch the kids.

Still, the relief I felt at not having to worry about lunches and homework and end of year activities has been lovely. Now if it would stop raining on baseball night so we could finish the regular season already...

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