Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The baseball season that never ended

I am currently mired in baseball and soccer games galore. Yes, school sports have ended but travel and recreation leagues are in full swing. It is the usual Spring balancing act of great mental and geektastic scheduling. I will admit that this year I did not use an excel spreadsheet as I have the past couple of years. Still, life has become work, sports, bed. This week has the added bonus of being finals week for the older two.

This morning I came across something so fun and entertaining that I had to share. Or rather, I had to steal this from Marcy at The Glamorous Life Association. Really. It is hysterical.


cursingmama said...

MS Word Calendar - colorful text & highlighters
Updated Daily.

I feel your pain.

The Mother said...

If they actually did stuff like that at baseball games, they might not be so darn boring.

I have a motto about kids' sports: There's always a Starbucks somewhere.