Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Need Your HELP! Please! Help me!

Look I'm back. And you can see the thing that drove me back here was I need advice. So basically, I'm back to get you to work for me.

Here's the deal...

We have decided to put our house on the market. This involves quite a bit of sprucing up. And sprucing up is code for painting. Now I love to choose paint colors. I love color. BUT! I have found that most people do not love the same colors that I love.  This is where you come in. If you were to buy a house. One with a freshly painted master bedroom. What color would you hope it would be? Or what color would not completely turn you off?

Additional information:
  • Said room is large.

  • Said room has high ceilings.

  • Room has many tall windows.

  • Room has substantial white woodwork.
Need to know anything else?


Donna said...

I think the most important thing is rid all rooms of clutter. We rented those pods when we put ours up...5000 lbs of clutter later, yep, 5000 house sold in 5 days. Well worth the couple hundred dollars it cost and you have to pack anyways so it gets you thinking~what do we really need? If I wont use it in the next month into the pod it went!

Kathleen Lota said...

Earth tones... warm, comforting, neutrals...... NOT EGGSHELL!

mommy said...

No eggshell. Never eggshell.