Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tiny Houses

Since the whole November posting thing didn't work as it was intended, I kept all of Kim's prompts and will use them when I feel the need to write something. And today? I feel the need to write something, anything.

This summer I became obsessed with the whole tiny house movement. Now I don't think Jeff and I could ever live in a tiny home permanently. I mean, where would we put all of the children when they came to visit?  (And they better visit.) But when the house is full of people and all of their things, it is sort of daydreamy to imagine living in something that takes a couple of hours to scrub top to bottom and only have minimal stuff to put away. I also like the closeness. (Most days.) I even have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to the things. I have dreamed of building one in the clearing out back when the kids all move out. We can live there and open up "the big house" when people come to stay/holidays/etc.

The prompt is this:

Someone's paying you to move into one of those tiny house everyone is talking about. If you can survive a whole year in that house with just the things on this list, you get a bajillion dollars. Tell us how you fill in this List Of Things You Can Take With You:
  • 5 books - I'm going to cheat here... my kindle. So as many books as exist taking up the space of one. Oh, and a sketchbook and a notebook.
  • 3 outfits - Jeans, t-shirt, sweater, socks & black boots; yoga pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, socks, sneakers; Skirt, flowy shirt, sweater, sandals. This is rough though. I'd like to think I could have more than 3 shirts and 1 pair of jeans.
  • You have a fridge/stove/oven - but you can only take 1 counter-top appliance - My percolator for coffee. I can handle no microwave but don't mess with my percolator!
  • 1 DVD collection of a TV show (your budget doesn't allow for Netflix) - It would have to be Gilmore Girls. I can rewatch that forever. 
  • 1 childhood artifact - Meh. Don't need one. I'll take an extra outfit instead. Or, at least another pair of jeans.
  • They will give you ONE subscription to a magazine - what is it? - Again, meh. But if I had to choose? Probably something like Entertainment Weekly. Can I trade this for a pair of flip-flops?
I've been trying to decide what the one thing I would have to bring would be. I mean, for this exercise I'm done but we all have that one thing we would need. One thing that serves no practical purpose but we just need to have. And right now, for the life of me, I can't figure out what it would be. My ipod? I'm assuming I'll have my phone as we aren't talking about moving into a cave on a deserted island. So maybe just put some music on that. I'm not a huge music person so that would probably be plenty. I don't know. So, what would you bring to your tiny house and what is one thing not listed you would HAVE to have?