Thursday, May 27, 2004

End of School & Baking…

We are getting near the end of school and you can tell. It is getting to the point when I want it to be over. Too many special days, activities, plays, presentations, grandparent teas, picnics, trips to baseball games, & the zoo, etc. And of course I have to make cookies for most of these events. I made the batter for about 10 dozen cookies yesterday. Today I must bake it all.

I have to do it all over again next week – and again two weeks later. With that final batch will come the end of school for the summer. At that point I will start complaining about the kids driving me crazy.

I have actually been writing. Not on the computer though. I get too caught up in e-mail, the web, my website, etc. Longhand has been working well so far. I’m going to have a ton to type up soon. (Well, I can hope can’t I?)

Must go the air band I have with the boys for one more song before school…

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