Thursday, June 24, 2004

A Quiet Night At Home

Yes, tonight we can have a quiet night at home. No sports, no meetings, no obligations... YAY!

The menaces (the two little ones)are at it again. Their latest adventure is trying to get onto the kitchen roof. Yes, the roof.

They saw Alex go out there once when a bird was stuck in our stove exhaust pipe. I sent him out to rap on the pipe to try to get the offending bird to stop making a nest and leave. Unfortunately, menace 1 and menace 2 saw this and got the bright idea to go out there. I heard them chatting about this as they went upstairs on the last day of school. Amazing the trouble these two can get into with two free hours!

So I sprinted upstairs. And anyone who knows me can tell you, that is very rare indeed and most likely very funny to watch. I found them in standing by the office window looking out at the roof, trying to figure out how to open it.

"Mom, will you open this?" said Menace #1. "We want to go out on the roof."

"No, you may not go on the roof." This was me.

"No, Mom... we'll be really careful. We'll sit in the corner over there. We promise!" Dylan again.

"Yeah, there is a little spot right there," said Menace #2, Zach. "It's safe!"

"No, you are not allowed on the roof. It is too dangerous."

"But we just want to go out like Alex did." (#1)

"Yeah, like Alex." (#2)

"I said No. Now get away from the window."

"Mom! You're so not fair!" (#1)

Various indignant grunts and groans were heard as they wandered away and I stood guard at the window.

Now I am terrified they will sneak up and get the window open on their own. As unlikely as that seems since the window is ancient and held open by pegs. (I can barely get it to stay open.) Only those who have not seen the ingenuity these two have when together would doubt their ability to do anything. So life is now constant fear that I will find them on the roof or more likely one falling off the roof.

"What was that noise? It sounds like something fell off the roof."

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