Friday, June 25, 2004

Day 4

It is day 4 of summer vacation. The children are all still alive. No major injuries yet. So far, so good. From now on I will include a counter for summer vacation at the end of posts. Lets face it, every Mom needs to count down. So... today it is 4/79. 79??? What were they thinking? We can usually make it to about 50 and then I fear actual death. The children have had enough of each other and try with more determination to seriously maim each other. We're talking the kind of determination they use when eating an ice cream cone.

Okay, enough about the future. Who knows if we'll even make it that far.

Back to now...

The children thought it would be fun to add cereal to an almost full gallon of milk this morning. Guess my coffee will be cinnamon Life flavored for the next couple of days. I thought they might be on good behavior since Grammy & I are taking them to a movie today. Foolish me.

I'm hoping the movie trip goes well. With the youngest 4 now it doesn't usually involve chasing anyone around the theater during the movie. There are no guarantees though.

We are going to see Ella Enchanted. Alex has read it twice and is very excited about seeing it. Tyler has just started the book. I've heard the movie is very different from the book. We'll see what the kids have to say. I love the book but am kind of cringing about seeing the movie. Oh well, approximately 2 hours of them not fighting (I hope) is worth it.

Off to get ready...

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