Tuesday, June 1, 2004

A Rainy Memorial Day

Well, Alex & Tyler marched with the cub scouts in the Memorial Day parade. Alex presented a wreath at the memorial. I missed a picture because no one told me he would be doing it. The rain was nice enough to hold off until the parade ended. Not nice enough to end before Alex's baseball game. We are hoping things dry out by Friday.

Stitch is healing well and very proud of his bravery status. I made the appointment for the removal. He seemed to be feeling a little sad that he'd have nothing to show come Thursday evening so I reminded him of the cool new scar he will be sporting. All there is to do now is wait and see if he makes us call him scar. The bad news is I spoke to the school nurse. He's not allowed out to recess or gym until he gets a note from the doctor clearing him. He is NOT going to be happy when he gets home.

Watched The Princess Bride last night. It is still one of my all time favorite movies. I did notice Buttercup is completely helpless. I really wanted her to whack the R.O.U.S. with the club she was wielding in the fire swamp. But no. She never does help out Wesley - doesn't matter how many times I watch it and yell at the TV screen. I really must reread the novel.

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