Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Busy, Busy

I may be quiet for the next couple of days. Things are crazy with Zach's birthday coming up. He is the line leader at school tomorrow and I need to make cupcakes for his class. Of course, I have to grocery shop first. Hard to make cupcakes with no cake mix.

I am also trying to pull the loose ends together for our nursery school teacher's retirement party. Luckily, I am just one of a few working on this.

Stitch is nervous about getting his stitches out tomorrow. I think I've reassured him it won't open up again. He seemed fine when he got on the bus. Off to the next excitement - they are studying dinosaurs at school this week. He found 2 books to bring for sharing. (Sharing is his favorite thing at school but it has to be relevant to the subject they are working on and no toys. He has trouble finding stuff he can show so today is a great day in his world.)

Rain here AGAIN. I don't mind so much but baseball season is suffering. Hopefully it will dry out by Friday. 

Must get on with the day...

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