Saturday, June 12, 2004

Ahhh, the Sun

My first sunburn of the season. It's not a bad one, just on one arm. I think all the sunshine did me good. Seems to have dried up my sinuses a bit too.

Alex did great in today's games. He even got a homerun. The scores were 1-3 (only the 2nd time Alex's team has lost) and 10-6. They actually had to stop the first inning because his team got so many homeruns. I think the limit per inning is 8. Not bad considering they are all 9-12 years old.

Afterwards, we went to Nana's and swam. The kids had a blast. She even made us dinner. What a great day! Not home to do work and didn't even have to cook. No dishes either. It has been a long time since we spent a day just playing.

Must get to work now. Haven't worked on my WIP since Wednesday. Ack! I was on such a roll. Must get back on that horse...

...wait, I don't ride horses. Must get on the stick. hmmm... do they mean a pogo stick? How about just pick back up the pencil. (and yes, I do use a pencil)

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