Sunday, June 13, 2004

Happy Birthday Dad!

Wanted to wish you a happy birthday Dad. You gift is coming. The post office was closed Friday and I can never seem to make it there on Saturdays. So it will hopefully be there by Father's Day.

Alex & Tyler are with Jeff (their Dad) at a cub scout fishing derby at the local DEC. Looks like rain but hoping it holds off.

I still need to mow the lawn before the weeds take over and the cupboards are bare again. Must get to the store if for nothing else than milk and more tissues. The good news is, my red nose is less conspicuous now with the sun burn. It all blends together.

In case you were wondering if I really did do any work on my WIP (work-in-progress, for the person asking)... the answer is no. Jeff put in a movie last night and I ended up watching it. That is the trouble with having the computer in the same room. Okay, I admit it, as I said last night, I was using paper and pencil. I could have gone somewhere else - but I didn't. I can't tell which movie because it is one of his Father's Day presents and he isn't suppose to get it until next week. Shhh....

PS- Should be more pictures to post tomorrow.

PPS- Does anyone know what to do when your kids start nagging for a dog?


Shana said...

About the dog, remind them that one of their brothers is allergic... unless it's him that wants it! We almost ended up with a dog yesterday. I was driving along a busy road near our house, and I saw a yellow doggie trying to cross the busy street- with no collar. So, I circled back to pick him up, but he managed to run across the street and disappear before I could grab him. He disappeared down a side street, and needless to say I drove around for 20 minutes looking for him... to no avail. Oh well, Rob probably would have had a fit and made me take him to the shelter anyway.

Anonymous said...

Tell them once they can keep a hampster (sp?) alive for more than a few months, they MAY be ready for a dog. Also, inform them that once they are ready to walk around with a plastic baggie (do I need to expound?), they MAY be ready for a dog.

Bloody Jack C.