Monday, June 28, 2004

i dig dirt

My youngest has just discovered the movie i dig dirt. I had actually forgotten all about it. We were sifting through the videos this weekend and came across it. It came out right after my oldest was born and was his favorite for the longest time. What you ask is i dig dirt? Well, if you didn't click the link above to find out...

The movie is 1/2 hour (perfect for trying to shower with a toddler around). It shows kids and giant bulldozers, earthmovers, and all kinds of tractor-like construction-type equipment I can't name. I used to know them all but it has been too long since I've watched it.

I haven't met a boy who hasn't loved it. Perfect for kids 1-5. I'm not sure how girls would like it. There are girls in the movie. I just have no experience with what girls like. I'm sure some would love it. If you want to buy it go to Amazon.

Be warned... your child will go around singing "i dig dirt, i dig dirt" for weeks. You will too.


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