Thursday, June 10, 2004

Only a minor affliction...

The rash is fifths disease. No big deal, it just looks like we slapped the poor boy on the cheeks really hard and when he runs around his face gets a bit lumpy looking. It isn't bothering him a bit.

I remembered that we WILL be at the doctors next week... it is Zach's 4 year check up. Yes, his birthday is on the 16th. Hard to believe the "baby" is turning 4. Goodness that is cliche! Why do people say that??? I suppose because it is true. I am making a vow to try to never say such things again. (Yes, I know I'll probably say it again before the weekend is out.)

Must get to bed. A head cold attacked me this afternoon and I need SLEEP!

PS- For everyone asking...the gorilla is Zach.

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