Friday, June 11, 2004


That is how I feel. Head colds stink!

I have managed to finish the laundry and do the dishes for a change. Even did a few other household chores. I really should start writing now that the house is less of a disaster. Maybe after lunch...

I am feeling sorry for myself. A bunch of my fellow Hamsters (writing friends) are having a camping smooze this weekend. I want to go! Unfortunately, with school ending, birthdays, and everything else that is going on - no time to travel to Maine. ~sigh~

The event is taking place at the lovely Poland Spring Campground in where else but Poland Spring, Maine. Check out there site. I'm thinking of planning a trip out next summer to go camping with the family.

Must go make lunch, check the mailbox for rejection letters and take a nap (Yeah, right. Like that might happen.)

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