Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Party Time!

Today Zach is 4! 

The party starts at noon. I'm a little worried about them overthrowing me. Actually, 5 four-year-olds isn't too bad. They will be making pizzas, eating cake (something Zach insists we must not forget), and presents (again, something Zach insists we must not forget). The rest of the time they are going to play. Play what you ask? Just play. There are hordes of toys to chose from and if the weather holds - looking a bit overcast this a.m. - running like maniacs outside.

When I asked Zach if he wanted to play any games he said, "no, we're just going to play and eat cake." 

"Crafts?" I asked.

"No eat cake and open presents," was his reply.

So, that's that. I did cover the dining room table with paper so if they want to draw they can. I was hoping to move the eating outside but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Off to frost the cake...

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