Thursday, June 17, 2004

Good Morning!

I feel a bit like the weather - overcast and humid. The running around for the week is over and now down to things like baking (yes, again), card making, and writing. Ah, to write in my jammies. I love it!

The party went well. The kids seemed to have fun. I'm glad I didn't plan much as the kids pretty much ignored the adults and ran in and out of the house playing. They all got along and not one cried. I think it's a record.

Zach now has plenty of things to keep him occupied and he is sharing with his brothers. They have all been very busy. Dylan didn't want to go to school because he was too busy playing. I also have a dinosaur running around off and on throught the day now. Yes, Grammy got him a new dinosaur outfit which he has wanted since he outgrew the old one. So YAY Grammy! I am trying to convince him not to wear the mask all the time though.

The only disappointment was no puppy.

"When am I getting my puppy?" Zach asked yesterday.

"Not any time soon sweetie," was my reply. "Where are your kid k'nex?"

"Ohhh, in here." He then ran off and played.

I'm not sure how long the distraction techniques will work.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you subscribe to the theory that deception is an effective parenting technique. Why don't you just tell him the truth...that he has a mean dad?

Bloody Jack Cash

MoMMY said...

I didn't realize he had a mean dad. (and I didn't realize that is why he can't have a puppy) And no, not so much deception as distraction.

Anonymous said...

How does one go about feeling "humid"? Just curious.

Bloody Jack Cash

MoMMY said...

Sort of thick and slow... languid or lethargic work too.