Thursday, July 22, 2004

A bit of Itinerary

Things are starting to get crazy here again... Thank goodness for family!

 Must pick up Dylly from camp at the same time Alex is coming home. Tyler has a fever and a nasty headache. Zach seems a bit tired and cranky. I'm sure he'll be the next to come down with whatever is going around. Now I'm worried Alex's headache was more and I just wasn't told. I don't think I'm ever letting any of them go away again. Thanks to my mom for coming to stay with the two at home and receive Alex while I venture out to pick up Dyl.

 As for tomorrow and the weekend - I'm outta here! The official Annual Girls' Weekend has arrived. AND, this is the first time in EIGHT YEARS no one is pregnant or nursing. Whooohoooo! Nene has tons planned and it sounds like it will be a blast. I hope the weather holds.

Must get my act together. Will try to add something before I leave.

PS- I must add, in all fairness, that half of those pregnant/nursing years were Jeff's fault.


Anonymous said...

Too much hockey playing for you guys, huh? Well, have a fantastic time! Don't get too crazy... shots anyone? I'm curious as to whether Alex recieved my letter at camp... I'm not sure it got there in time, but I hope. Well, off to puppy-proof the house some more!

MoMMY said...

Yes, Alex got the letter. He was pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to meet the pupply!