Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Little Conversation

This conversation just took place here:

"Zach, put on some underwear. We do not play naked." (This would be me)

"I can't. I'm Naked Man."

"Well, be Underpants Man."

"He can't, I'm Underpants Man." (This is Dylan)

Then Tyler pipes up, "You could be Undergarments Man."

I'm still laughing over this one. Now, I'm not sure where he even heard this term but coming out of a seven-year-old's mouth it sounds very funny. He also went on to explain the different powers Undergarments Man has compared to Underpants Man.

In case you don't know, everyone in this house is a superhero.


Anonymous said...

Trying to contemplate what special powers Naked Man may posess has me in a mental headlock.

Bloody Jack C

Anonymous said...

Undergarments man sound like a perfect alter-ego for a weawwy owd man. "Crimeny, fetch my sock garters old-style red-and-white striped full-body-bathing-suit man, mischief is afoot!"