Thursday, July 15, 2004

A Night of S'Mores

No, this was not the same day as ice cream for dinner. I'm not that bad of a mother. These were the next night...

Uncle Rob's still life

The boys eating the s'mores

Dylly & Aunt Shana hanging at the campfire

I'll try to hold off on more pictures for a bit. I'm sure your all bored to tears.

3 loads of laundry left. The kids clothes are all clean. YAY! Just sleeping bags left. WhooHoo!

Must really feed the children - they are starting to raid the cupboards.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I love the Ben and Jerry's ones especially!

Mmmm s'mores. . . Cindy

MoMMY said...

Thanks Cindy. I really must find the pictures from last year. We took pictures of some of the gravestones. I believe CCBBB was one of them. If I do I'll scan it in and add it. So sad they retired that flavor. Now I only get it once a year. Actually, maybe that's for the best...