Thursday, July 15, 2004

Trip to Ben & Jerry's

We stopped twice at Ben & Jerry's on the trip. I may have mentioned the fact we MUST pass right by the factory to and from the campsite.

The first trip there was actually the first full day we were up there. It was a bit rainy so we went to Pie in the Sky for lunch and (shhh, don't tell anyone) had ice cream for dinner. Probably the most unhealthy dinner I've ever given the kids. Remember though, ice cream is made with milk. Not a total loss. (Trying to look at the positive here)

Alex & Tyler in the giant lid.

Dylan & Zach...

The boys on the playground at B&J's.

Zach chillin' at B&J's.

Off to do MORE laundry. 10 loads done, 4 to go...


Anonymous said...

Ice cream for lunch? How dare you! We're taking your mother badge away.
Aunt Shana

Anonymous said...

A wise man once told me this: ice cream is made from milk which is produced by cows and cows eat grass and grass is a plant. Vegetables are plants, so therefore ice cream is a vegetable. Eat all ya want!

Nugget of Wisdom from Bloody Jack Cash

MoMMY said...

Aunt Shana, I can't take you too seriously since you had ice cream for dinner too.

BJC, you are a wise man.