Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Another Day, Another Thing To Pack

Yes, the packing has commenced. Actually, it started before Jeff & Tyler left. And I am still at it. And I haven't even started on the clothes.

Today I got the shopping done for the trip. Did my current nursery school duties. Took care of the children. Now for the new Things To Do list... Okay, I'll start on it tomorrow.

Dylan is loving Theater camp. Enough that when I wake him up - he doesn't mind. In fact, he hops out of bed in excitement, gets dressed, grabs his backpack & breakfast and heads out the door. Anyone who has met him knows - this is not his usual self. I am usually dragging him from bed.

So off to bed for me. A bit of reading then lights out. I have to get up earlier than I do during the school year just to get Dyl to camp on time. Luckily, Aunt Rachael has been stopping by to watch the others while I'm gone. (Good thing since they have been still sleeping when I leave.)


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