Wednesday, July 7, 2004

School Stuff in July

After spending the last month in negotiations with the primary school principal I have finally gotten what we've been asking for. Yes, it is late. Yes, it won't solve all the problems he has created with his new procedure but at least the info will help Tyler.

What you ask am I talking about? I'll tell you...

Every year the kids get their teacher assignments for the next year on the last day. They visit their new room and usually find at least one kid from their existing class will be in the new one. During soccer season the moms construct a network of who has who so by the second week of July the kids know approximately 5 more kids in their class.

This year our principal has decided to wait until the second week of August to impart the news. There are various rumors as to why he has done this. The results are anxiety in my children ranging from stomach aches to temper tantrums to nightmares and a few other less savory symptoms.

Today I'd had enough and marched into his office. And he caved. But not before he explained he didn't want it getting out and realizing it would. Now he is afraid of the deluge of 100's of phone calls between now and August 8th. Too bad. I will do my best to keep it quiet but I can't make any promises. (Luckily, no one in town reads this blog.) As I said to him, "I understand your concern but you must understand that I can not sit by and watch my children go through this." He said he did. We both realize this is a small town and the network of parents is strong. Once the info is leaked I estimate it will take 3 days for the whole town to find out. There will be no going back.

Must be off to pack. Leaving tomorrow for Vermont...


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time in Vermont!

Did Tyler get the teacher you were hoping for?

MoMMY said...

Yes, Tyler is in the class we wanted. It is the same class Alex was in last year.

Dylan got a teacher who loves Batman. I think it will work out since he is sitting here as I type with a complete Batman outfit on. NOTE: This includes Batman pj's, belt & mask from Halloween, cape & new gloves that make fight noises when he moves. (He bought the gloves yesterday with his own $.)

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't leak that information intentionally, now would you?