Monday, July 26, 2004

Are You Pregnant?

I really must tell you all a bit of horrifying news. I mentioned yesterday that one of the activities of girls' weekend was having our cards and palms read. I did not mention that when my cards were read the psychic asked if I could be pregnant. Later while reading my palm she asked if I was really sure I wasn't pregnant. (I'm really sure. There was actual proof at the time.) She was sure my palm showed 5 children. Yes, I said FIVE. You also may recall I spoke of an odd dream I had just before the big weekend. To say I was freaked out would be putting it mildly. In fact, just typing this has my heart racing and my breathing ragged.

Many of you will say she was just some con artist. Don't trust what she said... BUT, she was dead on about most everything else. To the point of it being very strange. She asked if I was a writer. "Are you a children's writer?" A friend's eyes almost rolled across the table at this comment. She was that good with everyone. She hit on all our main emotional issues. Someone's mom was prominent, someone's mother-in-law, someone else's long, long relationship.

I tried to convince her the 5th was a puppy but she didn't look to be buying it. Somehow I don't think they show up on your palm.


Anonymous said...

Did she say if you were adding to your "boy" collection?
They are so cute, and the children's stories are everywhere...why stop now!!!!

MoMMY said...

That is not even funny. The baby lust is gone, replaced by panic. The ones I have are great but FIVE?