Friday, July 23, 2004

What A Difference A Night Makes

No not a day as the saying goes but just a night.

Zach's bug bites have shrunk to a reasonable size, Tyler's fever has broken and I was able to cancel the Dr.'s appointment. ~ Can I just say, I LOVE MY DOCTOR'S OFFICE! They are so great and cheerful and they always know who I am. Okay, sorry about that. I just got off the phone with them. ~ The bad news is Dylan left with a headache this morning. I'm hoping he is better for the performance.

Guess I better get packing. Seems the childcare situation is well in hand for Sunday. They'll either sleep at Nana's on Saturday night then go to Grammy's or Nana will come to the house at FIVE A.M. Sunday! I believe she and her son are insane for planning on functioning that early. Now if I could just find someone to watch them this afternoon until Jeff gets home... Mom? Are you out there? Hint, hint.

To keep you entertained while I am away: JibJab. Thanks to Jen Ward for sending me the link. Heads up - it's political, but the animated song is hysterical no matter who you plan to vote for.

Also, in the 'to keep you entertained' category, my brother is going to guest blog for me. Yes, I know I've said this before. Let's hope he remembers this time. He has found a new place to live so that is one less thing to worry about. And... he should have sent 'the box' we have been waiting for forever - another thing he won't have to worry about this weekend.

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