Friday, July 23, 2004

Guest Blogger

Hello, I am your guest blogger for the weekend. It seems that Mom of Many Male Youngsters is off for a weekend with the ladies. I suppose she would have us believe that a circle of chairs will be assembled, in which the matrons will engage in some activities consonant with cross-stitching or millinery. I envisage a strapping beefcake, shaking his bootie within a conflux of inebriated housewives. But, I suppose it remains to be seen whether MoMMY comes back with a raging hangover, or a new hat.

I assume the readership of this blog consists mainly of Rochesterians. I will, however, acquaint you with the goings on in Boston. Presently, we are preparing for a cabal of politicians to beguile us the use of our city. That’s right. The Democratic National Convention is being held right here, in the middle of everyone’s favorite construction site, Boston. What might be a treat to Bostonians in four or eight years, when the big dig finishes up, will be a nightmare this year, for those of us who live and work in Boston. Our mayor does not seem distressed though. He has told us, as long as everyone in the city takes his or her vacation that week, everything will be fine. It does not take great ratiocinative powers to see the flaws in this portion of the plan.  I will, therefore, leave that one to stand on it’s own. The rest of this contrivance includes closing all major roads into the heart of the city, closing the Sumner tunnel (inbound from Logan airport and East Boston), closing all of the waterways into the city, and closing the train station in the center of the city. They have removed all of the trashcans, mailboxes and newspaper stands from the entire convention area. And, they have instituted mandatory body and bag searches, for anyone that rides any trains or busses within Boston. Great! I can’t drive into the city. I can’t fly into the city. I cannot boat or swim into the city.  I could take a train or a bus, as long as I am willing to have my civil rights violated, and provided I don’t mind walking a few blocks to where the main station has been closed. But, we are determined to be secure. The only unchecked form of transportation, into the city, is going to be cabs. I don’t know if anyone remembers a tragic incident, a few years ago. It seems that three Boston cab drivers were involved in a conspiracy to fly some airplanes into some buildings. Somehow, I don’t feel very secure.  I do, however, feel extremely inconvenienced, along with most of Boston. Now they say Michael Moore is going to shut down my movie theater so he can hold a bunch of private screenings for his new motion picture. On the bright side, I will be moving out of Boston the week after the convention.  So, if you are looking for this bitter Bostonian, you will have to look in Waltham. Oh, one last thing before I free you from my rant. We just built a beautiful new convention center in South Boston, with tons of parking, and great accessibility. Yet, we are holding the DNC at the Fleet Center (AKA: the Boston Garden), which is right in the middle of the city, and the big dig. The mayor claims that the convention center is too big to get the intimate feel required for this event.

As for “the Box” it is not exactly in the mail, but will be soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the only sensible thing to do is camp out in a bar all weekend and watch the Sox. You see, we Rochesterians can only get the Sox when they're playing the Devil Worshi...errrrrr Yankees 'cause after all, the Yanks are the only team NYers better be interested in. I'd almost be willing to contend with a city-wide construction site if I could get the Sox on radio / TV on a nightly basis. Almost.

Bloody Jack C.

MoMMY said...

I love it. Can't wait to read more when I return.

As for the beefcake - ew! And the hangover - probably.

Have a great weekend! Oh, almost forgot - congrats on your new place.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi
Who's the mysterious blogger??..sort of sounds like you!
I bounced in the bouncy house at Val's...picture that if you will!! Where are you bouncing?
Your friend from Maine...not Rochester!

Anonymous said...

Great job, guest blogger! Good luck this week with all the extra challenges the DNC brings.

Heidi, I hope you had a FABULOUS time!

Cindy, your other friend from Maine

Anonymous said...

Good job son, if not a little wordy!!

DiaBoLuS said...

I was told this job pays by the word... Anyway, It looks like my blogging rights have been revoked, so I will just say one more thing here in the comment field. To all those Miami Dolphin fans out there: Tough luck with that one. Are you guys betting on A.J. Feely to bring home the rings now? It looks like Ricky is off to Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the pain of being not only a Sox fan but also a Dolphins fan. On behalf of all Dolphins fans, may I just say: Just say NO to Lenny Kravitz. Go Patriots I guess?


Anonymous said...

I, too, feel your pain. I am a fellow MA person. Fortunately, I don't have to deal w/the city. Can't wait to see the final pricetag on this whole fiasco (don't let Menino kid you that it's finacially good for Boston)!

I'll have to find out where you're moving as I have lived in Waltham & my mom just moved out of Waltham. Good luck w/the move.