Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Fish Called Wanda

Jeff was rewatching A Fish called Wanda last night while I was online. I heard this line (a favorite of mine)...
Scene: John Cleese's character is a defense attorney for Wanda's lover. They are in the courtroom and Cleese is questioning Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis).

"And what time did he leave?" asked Cleese.

"Five to seven," says Wanda.

"Five to seven. Are you sure?" asks Cleese.

And Wanda answers, "I know, because I thought to myself, where could he be going at five to seven with that sawed-off shotgun."
I knew I had to mention it in my blog. Funny, funny movie. One of our fav's. So, while looking for a good related link I came across Colin's movie monologue page. A little something to keep you busy while I'm gone.

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