Monday, August 9, 2004

Bellybuttons & Nipples

I may have mentioned my son Dylan, the five year old, has decided to become a doctor. This occurred when he received 7 stitches in his face. Far from being horrified - he was intrigued.

Last night my MIL watched the boys so Jeff and I could enjoy a belated anniversary evening. During this visit she gave him an anatomy book - fully illustrated, college level. ~relevant note: my MIL has a PhD in anatomy. She teaches our future doctors at a local medical school.~

Today Dylan asked me to find "bellybutton man".

I dutifully looked in the index. I tried to figure out what the medical term is for bellybutton, found it ~BTW look for umbilicus~ and turned to the appropriate page.

"Here he is." 
"That is not bellybutton man." 
I started flipping pages. "Is it this one?" 
"How about this one?" 
I continued to flip pages. "There are no more with a bellybutton." 
"That is not a bellybutton." 
"Yes it is. I saw it before. He's bellybutton man." 
The illustration showed the upper right quadrant of a woman's torso. The various muscles, bone, vessels showing. There was also an area of skin. 
"That is a woman's breast." 
Much laughter. "It's not a bellybutton?" 
More laughter. I believe he was rolling on the floor at this point. 
"No, it's a nipple. Please take your book and go."

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm.... Bellybuttons.... Boy after my own heart.
Dirty Ole U.R.