Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Highest Score Battles Giant Squash

Just when I start to doubt the children they redeem themselves.

Tyler decided to learn to skateboard yesterday. He strapped on his helmet, grabbed my brother's old skateboard and started across the garage. I was heading out to paint the front porch (trying to avoid making dinner) and invited him down to the sidewalk so I could watch.

I painted, he practiced. Not too much falling and surprisingly no scrapes. The other boys soon came out to watch. None wanted to try it but they were all for rooting him on. He had my broom set out as his "highest score." That would be video game speak for furthest he made it without falling. When I tried to dislodge the video game analogy he staunchly refused.

This is when I started to worry. Why was everything related to video games? Should I not let them play them? They seemed a bit too consumed.

Well, during dinner they reassured me a bit. We were discussing yucky vegetables and how if they complained about dinner again, all they would get tomorrow would be various things like brussel sprouts. (note: I've NEVER even had a brussel sprout - and never will.) Then Dylan started talking about giant squash like Mrs. McNosh's. They then went off on a whole scenario involving a version of Mrs. McNosh and the Great Big Squash with us playing the role of Mrs. McNosh.

Okay, so they were consumed by more than video games. Books seemed to get a hold of them too. I guess this is a good thing. Taking things they learn/read about/play and changing them to fit into other things. I guess this would be called creativity. Creativity... one thing I value highly. One thing I think is important. If you are smart or not, if you are creative, you have a better chance to succeed. It is the one element that puts you above the rest. Let the battle between highest score and giant squash continue.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget, this is the same crowd that has enjoyed episodes of sumo-wrestling carrots and broccoli.