Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Three of the kids were talking about the Renaissance Festival on the way back from the grocery today (Dylan is at a friend's - you don't think I'd take them all do you?). I overheard Zach telling his big brothers about the ride on the dragon.

"The guy pushed us way up high. We almost got stuck in the tree."

"You looked scared." (Zach was VERY scared. We're talking crying and begging to get off by the end.)

"Dylan was scared a little too."

Now, I'll tell you... Dylan was NOT scared in the least. In fact, the image of him with his mouth in a wide open smile, eyes glittering, joy splashed across his face - that is what I think of when I picture him at the festival. His pure joy is burned into my mind. A great image to have forever.

Zach recovered quickly. We're talking before he made it off the ride. The next ride his brother dragged him on - convinced him was not going to be scary (even though I said it might be) - is where I have an image of Zach burned into my mind. Zach clutching his brother's hand, trying to convince himself flying through the air in a little chair, then being spun around, is fun. The look of trying to be brave. No tears this time. He is SO brave and I know his brother's hand helped.

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